Play with us!

In this section you will have various teaching tools where you can learn while having fun!


Together we can see

The first signs of spring on the trees through your photos and videos, learn to recognize them and make many games that allow us to know the benefits. With new knowledge we will be able to better enjoy the beauty of nature when we go back for a walk and run in the gardens and parks.



Play to Identify Trees

But how do I recognize trees from the window or balcony?
It is very simple! Play with us and you will find the solution !!!

Ask an adult to help you … take the camera or smartphone and frame the tree that you can see while staying at home or in your backyard and play with us!

Through a guided tour, you will discover what the tree you photographed is and many curiosities related to it!

Choose the characteristics of your trees.
Discover your tree by downloading the PDF file.

Vuoi sapere quanti alberi servono per compensare la CO2 che produci ogni anno nel complesso?


and then choose the tree in our compensation calculator

Calculate the CO2 that is emitted into the atmosphere from the production of the food you buy every week.

Then choose a tree and calculate what trees are needed to make up for it.