Shoot..Observe..Send (GR)


Shoot ... Watch ... Send ...

If there are trees that you see from your window or from your balcony or in the garden of your house or condominium you can observe its vegetative awakening with us and help us monitor all its phases.

So we will be able to understand together how the climate affects trees and how they react and it will also help us have a map of how the blooms are progressing in our city.



With a simple guided tour that will allow you to recognize the main trees of your city by sending us photos of the trees you see, with the name of your city and the street or neighborhood, on our website, or on whatsapp or telegram.


Send us a photo every week and record the changes you see in the trees in the “monitoring log” that you can download from this site.


You will help us build a weekly mapping of the blooms in your city and we will give you a lot of information about pollen, flowers and fruits and the benefits of trees.



You can also choose to send us photos via WhatsApp at 351 868 9593, we will take care of uploading them to the web portal!

curiosita sugli alberi