Citizens in action for climate

LIFE CLIVUT: Citizens in action for climatealt= "Citizens in action for climate "

The ongoing  climate emergency is causing more and more damage to terrestrial ecosystems. The increase of CO2 concentration, the rising of temperature, the extreme climate events are challenging us in a way that we can no longer ignore. The goals of the New Strategy for Climate and of Environmental Policy in Europe to achieve Carbon Neutrality by 2050 need a joint action.

Hence, the management and the planning of green areas in our cities becomes a great opportunity for the mitigation of the consequences of climate change. Re-evaluate, enhance the existing green spaces and plan new ones means increasing tree ecosystem services to improve Environmental quality and citizens’ health.

Therefore, on Saturday 27 of March LIFE Clivut has organised the first online meeting with the Association, which deal with the Environmental and green space safeguard of the Municipality of Bologna. The purpose was explaining the role of citizens in LIFE Clivut activities, in particular within the Action C2 – Actionfor Urban Climate. This Action wants to rise citizens’ awareness on the urban green role in the mitigation of climate change, actively involving them in the census of public and private green areas. For this purpose, the Action organises a series of training sessions and thematic walks to know and apply the tools needed for the census.

The event was attended by Professor Flaminia Ventura, Coordinator of the LIFE Clivut Project, and Dr. Chiara Proietti for  the University of Perugia, Dr. Chiara Bernard and Dr. Luigia Ruga for the Municipality of Bologna. On this occasion, the aims of the Project were illustrated and particularly the activities that will involve the Associations. In addition, the LIFE Clivut Team presented the Web App “LIFE CLIVUT TREEDB” to easily map the trees present in citizens’ gardens and in the urban areas they take care of and to account the ecosystem services performed in the urban environment.

This first meeting was a great opportunity to know each other and thus confirm the interest of the Associations in the collaboration to the Project.

At the end of the event, other meetings were scheduled to continue the training of the Associations, and eventually to allow the involvement of other Association in the LIFE Clivut Project.

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