Finally the children return in parks and gardens, let’s stimulate their creativity !!

Dear families and children, let’s restart to run in the parks and gardens.
There are still many rules to follow, but we know that there is also a great sense of responsibility and that children will be the first to follow them. Let’s imagine the joy in seeing a little of nature, a tree, flowers and enjoying spring. How many things have changed? Lawns and trees have changed, perhaps grown? There are many things to do and observe with children even if they still cannot play freely with others and in their favorite playgrounds. It’s time to guide them in their innate creativity !! We offer you some explorations and creative games that children can do on their own with the help of an adult; what do you think ? Would you like to accompany your children to explore this new world full of life? here we offer you exercises to do and redo while having fun and using your imagination and creativity …

and the first map ..

In our opinion, the importance of creativity is the key to being able to change perspective, find alternative solutions … get out of dualism and give new faces to reality. here we offer you an essay by Munari, a great designer, pedagogist, artist … and much more, just on creativity, taken from his book Fantasia published for the first time in 1977

Stimulation of creativity Coulors Map

“Creativity, as a finalized use of fantasy and invention, is continuously formed and transformed. It demands a ready and elastic intelligence, a mind free from preconceptions of any kind, ready to learn what it needs in every occasion and to modify their own opinions when a fairer one is presented.
The creativity of a person is therefore constantly evolving and his creative possibilities arise from the continuous updating and expansion of knowledge in every field. A person without creativity is an incomplete person, his thinking cannot deal with the problems that arise, he will always have to get help from some other creative person.
Free techniques of experimentation and research, help the development of creativity. These two activities must be carried out only with partial data and you will not be sure that you have tried every useful possibility.
A person without creativity will always have difficulty adapting to the inevitable changes in life, as many parents no longer understand their children. A creative person continually takes and gives culture to the community, grows with the community. A non-creative person is often obstinate individualist in opposing his own ideas and those of other individualists. It is more correct to deal with social problems rather than individual problems. Social problems concern the community, which is something that has always existed and will always exist as long as there are individuals. The cultural growth of the community depends on us as individuals, it depends on what we give to the community. We are the community. The society of the future is already among us, we can see it in children. From how children grow and are formed we can think of a more or less free and creative future society. We must therefore free children from all conditioning and help them develop their own tendencies and capabilities. Develop each personality so that it can help collective growth.”

Bruno Munari, Fantasia, 1977

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