International Day of Forests

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The 21st of March we will celebrate the International Day of Forests. This event has been created in 2013 by the General Assembly of the United Nations and this year the theme is “Forest restoration: a path to recovery and well-being”.

In this context, the  Project LIFE Clivut deals with urban green areas and the so-called Urban Forest, as mentioned in the National Strategy for Urban Green Areas, evaluating its ecosystem services and with the ambition to create a strategy for the optimization of the management of urban green areas, in order to make them resilient to climate change, which impacts on everyday life.

For this occasion, together with CEA Messina, the LIFE Clivut Team wants to present the progress of the project and explain the importance of green in the urban environment and how to evaluate the ecosystem services to make our cities more resilient.

We look forward to seeing you on CEA Messina on Sunday 21st of March at 9 p.m. to talk about “Forests, Woods and Urban Green in Mediterranean Scrub” with Dr. Pietro Maroè, Dr. Agatino Sidoti, Professor Renato Carella, Professor Vincenzo Piccione and the Experts of the LIFE Clivut Project – (Coordinator Professor Flaminia Ventura, Professor  Aldo Ranfa, Fabio Orlandi and Marco Fornaciari da Passano and Dr. Chiara Proietti, Luigia Ruga, Martina Burnelli)

Moderator of the event: Francesco Cancellieri, President of the Association for Sustainable Development and the Centre for Environmental Education Messina APS, with the greetings of the Hon. Valentina Palmeri and Dr. Giuseppe Lo Bianco.

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