Nature Based Solutions

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According to the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), Nature Based Solutions (Nbs) are actions inspired, supported or even copied by nature.

Thanks to these actions it is possible to protect, sustainably manage, and restore natural or modified ecosystems, safeguarding human wellbeing and biodiversity.

Currently around 75% of people lives in cities. So, Nature becomes our partner in managing urban areas, where the effects of climate change are most evident.

As the European Commission also stated, if we correctly applied Nbs, they contribute to environmental and socio-economic benefits, increasing cities resilience.

However, what does Nature Based Solutions mean?? It is about increasing, improving and enhancing green areas so that they generate multiple ecosystem benefits!

That approach suggests that urban green has no longer only a decorative function, but also an essential ecological and wellness one.

If we think about the world “tree”, we think about many different things. Up to LIFE Clivut project, the urban tree heritage is a natural source of benefits, given for free to the community.

Improvement of air quality, CO2 sequestration, regulation of the urban temperature, water regulation, protection of biodiversity and so on.

In agreement with the Climate Law, the European Commission has identified 7 objectives to be developed through Nature Based Solutions in all Member States, including for example urban regeneration.

Moreover, improving well-being in urban areas, as well as plans to enhance the use of resources and energy.

In addition, another objective will be quantification of tree value in the urban ecosystem, in order to re-think cities beginning form trees and biodiversity.


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