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On the occasion of ALL4CLIMATE contest of Pre-COP26 of Milan, the Carabinieri presented the update of the 3rd National Inventory of Forests and of Forest CO2 Sink (INFC2015).

The inventory of INFC follows the ones of 1985 and 2005 and showed the national data of trees and shrubs, forest management, health status of ecosystems and forests biodiversity. The Inventory represents an essential instrument for the Environmental Policy for biodiversity and climate, developed by MiTE, and for the Forests Management Policy between Regions, developed by MIPAAF.

INFC is also the instrument for studying in details the characteristics of italian and international forests, and to certificate their role in the stack process of carbon dioxide, absolving to the commitment with Convention for climate change (UNFCCC), Kyoto Protocol and Paris Convention.

The latest data say that currently, more than 11 millions of hectares of Italy are represented by forests, resulting in around 36% of the national territory. Compared to the previous inventory, the m3 of green biomass increased of 18%; the organic carbon stocked in tree and shrub wood passed from 490 million of tons in 2005, to 569 million of tons: it means more than 2000 million tons of CO2 sequestrated from the atmosphere.

All the details about the Conference at the following link:

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